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Schedule a Pick Up for Any Type of Case

Secure Data Recovery Services provides around-the-clock pick-up services for all provinces in Mexico. If you would prefer not to ship your media or if you simply want the fastest possible service in an emergency, our pick-up services are an excellent option. We can drop your media off when your case is finished, and with options for remote data recovery, RAID repair and same-day emergency services, we are proud to offer the best solutions for Mexico businesses.

We offer 24/7 emergency pick-up and drop-off services for every province in Mexico.
We offer 24/7 emergency pick-up and drop-off services for every province in Mexico.

Our shipping options include:

You can choose from the following options to safely transfer your media to one of our facilities:

  • Same-Day Pick Up Service

    Secure Data Recovery Services can dispatch a driver from one of our Mexico offices. We provide fast pick-up, particularly in Mexico’s largest metropolitan areas, and each of our drivers is trained to handle hard drives, RAID arrays, enterprise servers and other devices in an appropriate manner.

    Our driver will safely transport your damaged device to our office, and our engineers will immediately perform a series of diagnostic tests to provide you with a price quote and turnaround estimate. Our emergency service has an average turnaround of 24-48 hours, depending on your device format and other factors; local pick-up is only available for our emergency service option.

  • Shipping Your Media

    To limit your expenses, you can ship your device to one of our offices or deliver it in person. Contact our customer service team to receive shipping instructions for your device or click below for general tips.

    » More about Shipping and Packing

Regardless of the shipping option you select, your case will always receive dedicated attention from the world’s foremost data recovery experts. Secure Data Recovery Services in Mexico maintains a success rate of 96 percent, and each of our offices follows secure SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 certified protocols to ensure complete confidentiality. If you are ready to schedule local pickup services or if you need more information, please call our customer service team today at 1-800-705-3701.