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Certified Security with a Government GSA Contractor

As a member of the United States General Services Administration’s contractor schedules, Secure Data Recovery Services provides exceptional data services with guaranteed security for thousands of government offices across North America. We specialize in data recovery, and with controlled security and high success rates, we offer a dependable option for Mexico’s public institutions.

Our access controls ensure absolute confidentiality for every case. Features of our secure approach:

Certified Security with a Government GSA Contractor
GSA Approved contractors provide superior information security for their clients.

For businesses in Mexico that use the GSA schedules (and for those that work closely with the United States government), there are several immediate benefits to working with a GSA approved contractor. The GSA works closely with contractors to negotiate affordable rates, and the schedules provide the lowest available pricing options for many government and military offices. Additionally, the General Services Administration closely evaluates contractors to determine eligibility. Approved contractors use strict security protocols when handling recovered data.

Please see the links below to view Secure Data Recovery Services’ profiles with the GSA:

Secure Data Recovery Services – Related Credentials
GSA Contract: GS-35F-288BA
Cage Code: 6BP27
DUNS: 796906209
NAICS: 541512
Secure Data Recovery
Services GSA eLibrary Profile
Secure Data Recovery
GSA Advantage Profile

We are one of the only major data recovery providers with a GSA number, and all of our services feature the industry’s best security practices. We also offer flexible turnaround options for all of our clients along with affordable rates for government and military institutions in Mexico.

Call our customer service team today to set up a case or read on for more information about the GSA program.

Why Security is Important for Data Recovery Providers

In order to recover missing files, data recovery engineers need to directly access hard drives, solid-state drives and other devices and transfer all accessible data to a secondary device. This process can pose a serious security risk if the engineers do not take appropriate precautions, and approved GSA data recovery companies need to use a series of strict access controls to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing recovered information.

By choosing a certified GSA data recovery provider, you can ensure that your files receive appropriate protection. GSA approval indicates that a contractor has taken appropriate steps to perform its services in a safe and secure manner.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we place a strong emphasis on data security. We utilize strict protocols and physical controls to completely isolate data throughout our process, and our facilities hold a number of third-party security certifications. Our engineers work in carefully controlled environments when recovering data, and we return recovered files using secure technologies.

Flexible Data Recovery Resources Through the GSA Schedules

The General Services Administration also provides superior pricing options for institutions that use its contractor schedules. Secure Data Recovery Services offers affordable pricing and fast turnaround times through our network of offices in Mexico, and we protect every case with a no recovery, no fee guarantee. If our engineers cannot recover your data, you will not receive a service charge for your case.

Some of the advantages of working with Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • Flexible Options Including 24/7/365 Emergency Data Repair
  • Options for RAID Data Recovery, Server Repair, Data Tape Recovery and More
  • Risk-Free Standard File Recovery Diagnostics
  • Certified Security and Multiple Offices in Mexico
  • A Verified Member of the GSA Contractor Schedules

Regardless of whether or not your institution uses the GSA schedules, you can substantially cut costs and ensure perfect security by working with Secure Data Recovery Services. We take pride in our position as an industry leader, and by offering risk-free diagnostics with every standard case, we provide a simple way to evaluate your potential costs without unnecessary risks. Additionally, all of our services feature SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 certified security. To get started or for more information regarding GSA certified data recovery, call us today at 1-800-388-1266.