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Reliable Results from a SAS 70 Certified Service Provider

Secure Data Recovery Services uses advanced security practices at all of our facilities, and we fully comply with SAS 70 auditing standards to provide our clients with peace of mind.

We were one of the first professional data recovery providers to earn certifications under SSAE 16 Type II and SAS 70 standards.
We were one of the first professional data recovery providers to earn certifications under SSAE 16 Type II and SAS 70 standards.

Information security is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an IT contractor. By using strict procedures at our facilities, we have established a reputation as the world's most secure data recovery company.

  • Benefits of working with a certified data recovery provider:
  • Secure Data Handling Procedures and Reliable Results
  • Faster Turnaround Times
  • Excellent Protection for Financial Data and Other Protected Files
  • Auditing Protection for Publicly Traded Businesses

Our adherence to SAS 70 and SSAE 18 Type II SOC 2 standards demonstrates our commitment to high-quality service. We also offer extremely dependable recovery rates through our network of facilities, and each case includes a no recovery, no charge guarantee.

Please see our latest SSAE 18 Type II Audit Certification Report below:.

In the data recovery industry, security is important. Due to the size and amount of data handled, a breach of security could put millions of dollars in personal information at risk. At Secure Data Recovery Services, we strongly believe that security standards are a critical part of our services, and we hold SAS 70 Type II certification along with other related credentials in order to provide assurance throughout our process.

By choosing Secure Data Recovery Services, you ensure that your data will always remain protected and private. We have facilities across North America, and our free diagnostics give you a secure way to evaluate options for data recovery, RAID repair and related services. Call today to get started or read on for more information regarding SAS 70 audits.

Data Recovery and SAS 70 Type II Certification

Originally established as a means of controlling and securing financial data, SAS 70 standards were widely used by publicly traded companies until 2010. To earn certification, businesses must commit to strict standards and engage in regular audits to show that they continue to follow the same practices.

There are two types of auditor’s reports associated with SAS 70 standards. Type I reports describe controls at a specific point in time, while Type II reports require ongoing testing over a given period. SAS 70 Type II certification is more appropriate than Type I certification for data recovery companies and other IT service providers.

Requirements and contents of an SAS 70 Type II certification include:

  • The auditor’s opinion (often referred to as the Auditor’s Report) of a company’s controls.
  • The company’s own descriptions of their security controls.
  • Other relevant information from the applying company or organization.
  • A testing report provided by an auditor. Includes information regarding the effectiveness of any tests performed on the applicant’s security systems.

In 2010, SAS 70 standards were largely replaced by SSAE 16 standards. These programs are closely related, but SSAE 16 is much more strict and requires attestations rather than simple audits. It is also designed to adapt to new changes in technology and is regarded as a more robust alternative to SAS 70.

To improve the quality of our security systems and to provide customers with the best possible results, Secure Data Recovery Services switched from SAS 70 II standards to SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 standards in 2013. Visit our SSAE 16 page for more information regarding the differences between these standards or to view our most up-to-date SSAE 16 credentials.

Choosing a Secure Option for Data Recovery and Media Repair

While SAS 70 certification has been replaced by the more thorough SSAE 16, both credentials show a data recovery company’s commitment to better privacy practices. Secure Data Recovery Services holds both of these certifications, and we were the first company in our industry to hold a SSAE 16 Type II credential.

If you need professional data services, look for a company with established credentials. Ask to see copies of credentials for additional verification.

With numerous certifications including SAS 70 Type II and a regular auditing record, Secure Data Recovery Services provides Mexico computer users with perfect security. All of our services offer the same excellent level of protection, and we post every credential online for easy access. To start a new case or to speak with one of our customer service team members, call us today at 1-800-705-3701.