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Reliable Resources for RAID 50 Data Recovery and Repair

With dedicated tools and the industry’s most experienced RAID engineers, Secure Data Recovery Services provides RAID 50 data recovery with dependable security. We successfully treat a vast majority of the cases that we receive, and because our engineers have a thorough knowledge of common RAID configurations, we can effectively perform services on nested RAID systems while controlling cost and turnaround time.


RAID 50 is one of the more popular nested (or combined) RAID levels. A typical array consists of a RAID 0 striped across a RAID 5, which provides some of the benefits of each individual configuration. RAID 50 access speeds are typically faster than RAID 5, but unlike RAID 0, RAID 50 does not have a single point of failure.

Unfortunately, while RAID 50 systems can withstand hard drive failures in most scenarios, the array can be compromised due to multiple hard drive failures within the same set. To prevent data loss, administrators should regularly back up their arrays to secondary and tertiary devices.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides an excellent resource for damaged RAID systems. We offer fast turnaround times, and our engineers can securely restore your data while treating hardware issues to prevent further downtime. Additionally, we offer risk-free standard diagnostics for all of our RAID 50 data recovery clients, and our no recovery, no service fee guarantee protects your business from unexpected expenses.

Other reasons to choose Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • Online Case Monitoring and Around-the-Clock Customer Service
  • Award-Winning RAID Recovery with a 96 Percent Success Rate
  • Advanced Security for All Service Levels
  • Multiple Turnaround Options
  • Support for Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows, Mac OS and More

When your RAID fails, you need fast help from experienced specialists. Contact us today to get started or to learn more about our RAID repair options.

RAID Recovery with Advanced Technology and Superior Security

Nested RAID devices require specialized attention. Engineers need to understand the factors that can affect the functionality of these devices in order to return data in a usable condition. Ideally, RAID data recovery engineers should have a working knowledge of the file systems commonly used on RAID devices, as corruption is a common issue for failed RAID 50 arrays.

Secure Data Recovery Services is a leader in RAID recovery technology, and our laboratory is fully outfitted to handle nested RAID systems. Our engineers have decades of combined experience, and we have developed a number of techniques that allow for dependable results. We were the first provider to establish an officially certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which prevents contamination during hard drive data recovery procedures.

We provide flexible service options through our network of offices. Our emergency service is available 24/7 and features a same-day turnaround time for most RAID 50 data recovery cases. Additionally, we offer server repair options to restore damaged hardware to a working state, and all of our services feature the same excellent SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 certified security.

What to Do When a RAID 50 Loses Data

All RAID systems are susceptible to logical data issues, and physical issues can be compounded by running a RAID in a failed state. We strongly recommend disconnecting any damaged RAID system to prevent additional damage. You should never attempt to rebuild a damaged RAID 50 if two hard drives have failed within a single set or if a previous rebuild attempt has failed. Contact a professional data recovery provider as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Our specialists can treat all failure scenarios including:

  • File Deletion and File Corruption
  • Parity Issues
  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures
  • Array Failure During Rebuild
  • Accidental Overwrites, Database Issues and More

Secure Data Recovery Services offers the most comprehensive resources for RAID owners. Our RAID 50 data recovery laboratory is outfitted to provide fast, dependable results, and with state-of-the-art security and full support for all file systems, we can quickly restore any system while taking appropriate steps to prevent productivity losses. If you cannot read data from a RAID 50, our free standard diagnostics service gives you a simple way to evaluate your available options. Set up a case today by calling our RAID experts at 1-800-705-3701.